The First Week

The first week is over and I haven’t looked back. I had been told to expect the first 1-3 months to be totally unproductive recovery from corporate America, but my week was very productive – both for the project and my personal life. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this free – free of bosses, free of 9-5. My favorite part is that I work when I want to work, I go for a walk when I need a walk, I sleep when I need to sleep. I do not set an alarm. One of my first nights I was working until 2am, then got going again when I woke up naturally. I wish I could put into words just how different I feel – mainly it’s in my brain, which feels more clear. This carried into my personal life – I feel more healthy, I ate better (mainly because every meal I ate was home cooked), and finished many personal tasks I had put off.

I immediately dove into the project the day after finishing at Microsoft. I met with Josh, my cofounder, on Saturday afternoon, who immediately started introducing me to python. I was so lucky to find a cofounder not just with the same vision and willingness to quit his job, but also the patience to ramp me up on coding. On Sunday morning, he sent me a homework assignment, which I completed within a few hours. I am hooked. I had not coded in 5 years, but the basics returned, and I understood the framework quickly. I spent the rest of the week learning other components like Django, Google App Engine, and Mercurial. I now realize coding does need to be a part of my life – I dropped the major in college because I didn’t want to be a coding drone, meanwhile I ended up a Business Analyst drone. I now realize just how much coding stimulates the mind – I understand why it is often referred to as engineering.

The biggest difficulty has been working from home. I know I would be more productive if I had an office to go to, but that’s not in the cards right now. I’m quickly learning to establish the right discipline to be productive. It was also difficult to figure out where to start. When you have a startup and there is so much to do, it can be overwhelming, so I’m glad I was able to dive in successfully. The only other hitch was injuring myself on my 3rd day without Microsoft’s health insurance. Ironically, I purchased a new desk chair to be better for my back, then threw out my back lifting the box. I was horizontal for a few days, but it didn’t slow me down.


2 Responses to The First Week

  1. Luke Shepard says:

    Don’t you have an office in the guest room? That seemed like it could be a great space to work.

  2. clicksend says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love working in my house. But there’s something to be said about seperation of home and office. To get somewhere and be strictly in a work mindset without the distractions of home.

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