The Next Software Revolution: Productivity

In a TechCrunch article The Facebook Imperative Cannot Be Stopped, Marc Benioff (CEO of declares that the next revolution in computing will be productivity:

It only strengthens my conviction that we are about to see the greatest revolution in enterprise software, ever. Well, really, the most exciting revolution in computing, ever. It will create more value for users, customers, and vendors by an order of magnitude over what we saw in the last wave. And, it’s really starting to happen right now. It is realtime. It is social. It is mobile. And, it is about time. Literally, it is about productivity.

It’s time that social computing is expanded to productivity. While LazyMeter is not built specifically for the enterprise, I’m glad to see some validation that we have chosen the right space. And the enterprise would be a natural extension of our product. Based on my experience at Microsoft, I see the potential to not only increase productivity in the workplace, but also to enable accurate measurement deliverables versus commitments for the first time. It’s time for the productivity revolution.


One Response to The Next Software Revolution: Productivity

  1. David Wang says:

    I agree with Marc and your take on the social space spreading into the enterprise market. Most of the people I work with have Facebook accounts and use them regularly. I feel like Facebook could easily be extended to have a business focus, ie project management, task management, etc.

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