My New Office: An Alternative to Coworking

As a follow-up to my last post about the benefits of launching a Startup in Seattle, I’d like to show you just why I love Seattle so much.  Below is a photo of my new workspace.  I moved over the weekend into a 2-bedroom house that costs only $1,350 a month.  The home features beautiful views of Lake Washington and the cascade mountains (not very visible today).  I’d like to see a bootstrapped founder living this well in San Francisco.

Aaron's New Office

My workspace with view of Lake Washington.

For me, office environment is very important.  I do better work with light and a view.   I was thinking about renting a shared office space to separate work from home, but I was disappointed with what was available for under $300/month.  Most situations offered an awkwardly placed desk either right next to or facing someone else.  While a separate office is definitely ideal, the options available did not offer a better working environment at all.

Here’s an alternative to coworking: move.  What if you apply the $300+/month to your home?  You can probably improve both your living space and work environment.  In my case, I am actually paying less for my new home.  I stumbled upon this by accident – I moved because my landlord put my house on the market.

Any entrepreneur should seriously consider moving as an alternative to coworking since it can improve the quality of both their living and work environments.


2 Responses to My New Office: An Alternative to Coworking

  1. Checkout eVenues. Your problem is our venture.

  2. Hi Aaron!

    Nice view! I understand your logic in regards to making your dollar stretch. If you decide to move out of your home office at some point check out the local options at

    How about sharing office space on Lake Union with an architecture firm for $300 per month? As another alternative to coworking, business to business shared office space can be affordable and offer all the amenities you need such as a conference room, copier and more. Look for me at the Seattle 2.0 Awards next Wednesday. Good luck with your startup!

    Julie Clark

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